Exploring Hidden Treasures

“Variability pervades the cosmos. Studies of variability dominate research in astronomy and astrophysics and are so common that very many groups, projects and instruments are dedicated to the examination of just one form of variability, or one aspect of its diverse manifestations.” (manifest of the IAU Symposium 285, “New Horizons in Time Domain Astronomy”, University of Oxford September 19-23, 2011)

Like a treasure-hunt, the the EXTraS project (Exploring the X-ray Transient and variable Sky) is going to harvest the hitherto unexplored temporal domain information buried in the serendipitous data collected by the European Photon Imaging Camera (EPIC) instrument onboard the ESA XMM-Newton, in 13 years of observations.


EXTraS announces an upcoming workshop to be held in Pavia (Italy) on November 21-23, 2016. The workshop is devoted to... 
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Media INAF reports a news (in Italian) on the recent EXTraS paper, "EXTraS discovery of an 1.2-s X-ray pulsar in M 31".