EXTraS deems outreach and involvement with schools and other institutions a fundamental component of its scientific mandate.
Both the ASTRONET and the Astro2010 panels agreed that Astronomy has a fundamental role in enhancing interest in science from young people, laying the basis for a career in physics and mathematics or in engineering and new technology studies. Outreach and involvement of people of all ages is also very important because it generates interest towards scientific research and fosters the diffusion of scientific culture.
EXTraS, being related to rare, exotic phenomena as well as to extreme, poorly known astrophysical sources, has a great potential for the popularization of science in general and of astronomy in particular. We would like to promote exciting science to the broadest possible audience.
We collaborate with the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan, that already designed our logo and is involved with EXTraS in other artistic projects. EXTraS includes an experimental didactic program that directly involves high school students in our research activities.