X-ray Astronomy Background

An introduction to X-ray astronomy, its history, the first discoveries and the main sources.

EXTraS Presentations


01. X-ray astronomy: introduction and history (S. Kreykenbohm) (44 Mb)
02. X-ray astrophysical sources (S. Kreykenbohm) (7 Mb)


01. Introduzione all’astronomia X (S. Sandrelli) (18 Mb)
02. Le sorgenti astrofisiche di raggi X (S. Sandrelli) (19 Mb)


Other Online Resources


1. The Nobel prize site provides information on the discovery of X-ray emission from the cosmos. See the astrophysical part of the online article "The 2002 Nobel Prize in Physics - Popular Information". Nobelprize.org. Nobel Media AB 2014.  
2. An introduction to The X-Ray Universe, by Wallace H. Tucker  
3. Maybe you wish to explore also the work of Riccardo Giacconi, Nobel Prize in Physics in 2002, "for pioneering contributions to astrophysics, which have led to the discovery of cosmic X-ray sources".


01 - An interview with Riccardo Giacconi, mediaINAF  
02 - The web portal of the Liceo Majorana, Desio (Milano), addressed to X-ray astronomy 


01 - X-ray astronomy history