EXTraS Software

To run our educational project, we prepared a virtual machine containing all the necessary software and data to perform some experiments. In the following the explanation of all the steps necessary to execute it.

Step 1. Download and install VirtualBox (VB)

VirtualBox is a free software by Oracle, which runs on Windows, OS X and Linux. It is a virtual machine, that we use for our data reduction.

Download the version of VB suitable for your operating system. 

Install VB on your computer following the procedure, depending on the operating system. There is no major issue in this step. It is a very ordinary one and you should find no trouble at all.

Step 2. Download the EXTraS enviroment file and save it in a folder

The EXTraS enviroment file contains all the necesssary professional software for data reduction, and a large set data extracted from the EXTraS archive.

Download it from here (3.4 GB)

Be careful: it a large file of 3.4 Gb and it could request a long duration download process. Save it in an appropriate folder (you could create a new folder named EXTraS on the desktop).

Step 3. Load the EXTraS enviroment file on the VirtualBox

a. Double click on the VirtualBox icon on your desktop Wait until the programme starts. It can take some seconds.
b. From the menu bar, choose File. In the File menu, choose “Import a new project”
c. In the “Import a new project” mask, choose the EXTraS enviroment file and load it on the VB.
Be patient, and wait for some seconds. During the loading process, it appears as in the following image

d. Now click on the green arrow on the top (it is the start button)

Now, you have your VB loaded with all the software and data. Now you are ready to pass to our final chapter: do as scientists do.