Do what Scientists Do

Students attending all the previous chapters are ready to play as a researcher. The following tutorial describes how this experience can be performed.

Follow our EXEAt cookbook instruction and try to understand what you are doing. It is extensively commented, with strong references to the background lessons indicated in the previous chapters. You will be guided through a whole data reduction, in a realistic validation process.

After having completed the first tutorial data reduction, please come back to the beginning and load another transient candidate in the main xv window. Follow again the procedure described in the cookbook. Remember: you must answer to the five questions. If you are lucky enough, you will find a real variable source and you will find yourself to look for an known astronomical counterpart. And if you are extraordinarily lucky, you will discover a brand new astronomical X-ray transient, unknown to the scientific community. Now, what can you say about its nature? Is it a stellar flame? A galaxy? Or what else?

Note this: you will be one of the very few person on this Earth to know the existence of that source, whatever it is. Be proud of yourself!

Download our EXEAt cookbook for students from: (English)

Teachers can also get our EXEAt cookbook for teachers only. To ask for it, please write to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will be happy to send you the document with the most interesting transients to analyse with your students and complete answers to the 5 questions.