For general information about EXTraS:

  • Andrea De Luca (Project Coordinator, INAF/IASF Milano) – deluca at
  • Ruben Salvaterra (INAF/IASF Milano) – ruben at

For details about specific activities:

  • Aperiodic variability: Andrea Belfiore (INAF/IASF Milano) - belfiore at
  • Periodicity searches: Gianluca Israel (INAF/OA Roma) - gianluca at
  • Search for transients: Andrea Tiengo (IUSS Pavia) - andrea.tiengo at
  • Long-term variability: Simon Rosen (University of Leicester) - srr11 at
  • Screening and validation: Frank Haberl (MPE) - fwh at
  • Multiwavelength characterization and classification: Joern Wilms (ECAP) - joern.wilms at
  • Archive management: Duncan Law-Green (University of Leicester) - at
  • Dissemination: Stefano Sandrelli (INAF/OA Brera) - stefano.sandrelli at
  • Science GatewayDaniele D’Agostino (CNR-IMATI) - dagostino at

List of local coordinators in the EXTraS partner institutions:

  • INAF: Andrea De Luca – deluca at
  • IUSS Pavia: Andrea Tiengo - andrea.tiengo at
  • CNR-IMATI: Daniele D’Agostino - dagostino at
  • University of Leicester: Mike Watson - mgw at
  • MPE: Frank Haberl - fwh at
  • ECAP: Joern Wilms - joern.wilms at