EXTraS Workshop

Workshop in Pavia - November 21-23 2016


IUSS Pavia (Italy), one of the EXTraS partners, will hold a workshop this November, dedicated to various aspects of variability in the X-ray sky.

The workshop is aimed at reviewing, discussing and exchanging ideas and methods to exploit the rich astrophysical information carried by time variability in the X-rays, for all kind of X-ray emitters - from nearby stars to extreme events at cosmological distances. Synergy of X-ray, multiwavelength and multi-messenger observations, as well as use of current and future serendipitous X-ray data will also be discussed.

The workshop will run for 2 and a half days: November 21 and 22, 2016 are devoted to the main sessions, with invited talks, contributed talks, and contributed posters. Such sessions will be dedicated to different classes of astrophysical sources, as well as to methods/experiments for X-ray time-domain astronomy. The morning of November 23 is dedicated to hands-on sessions, where you can learn how to use the software tools and products developed and released by EXTraS.

Due to the limited capacity of the conference room, the number of participants is restricted to 80. Free coffee breaks and lunches will also be offered to all participants.

You can find more information about the scientific rationale, the people involved, the venue and other topics related to the workshop through these pages.