Workshop Details

Scientific Rationale

In the soft X-rays, a wide panorama of both transient and secular, periodic, and aperiodic phenomena yields unique insights into a broad range of hot topics. X-ray variability teaches us a lot about accretion physics at all regimes and strong gravity physics. We can learn about the mechanisms behind massive star explosions, as well as about the progenitors of supernovae and of gravitational-wave events. X-ray variability also allows us to focus on the physics of magnetic-field generation and dynamics in compact objects as well as in normal stars, with impact for our understanding of planetary-system formation and evolution, as well as for understanding our own Sun.

The workshop is aimed at reviewing and discussing variable phenomena in the X-rays, from observations and methods of data analysis, to modelling and theoretical implications/expectations, in all classes of X-ray emitters:

  • Young stellar objects and stars;
  • Cataclysmic variables;
  • Isolated neutron stars;
  • Low-mass X-ray binaries;
  • High-mass X-ray binaries;
  • Ultraluminous X-ray sources;
  • Active galactic nuclei;
  • Tidal disruption events;
  • SNe shock breakout events;
  • Gamma-ray bursts;
  • Rare transients;

Use of current and future serendipitous X-ray data for time-domain investigations will also be discussed.

The workshop is organised by the EXTraS consortium. A detailed presentation of EXTraS products (including hands-on sessions) will be given in the third day of the Workshop. Discussion of possible science cases to be addressed using EXTraS results and products is also expected during all Workshop sessions.

The workshop will run in 2 and a half days, and will feature invited talks, contributed talks and contributed posters.

Invited Speakers

  • Costanza Argiroffi - Universit√† di Palermo - Late-type stars
  • Gavin Ramsay - Armagh Observatory - Cataclysmic variables
  • Roberto Turolla - Universit√† di Padova - Isolated Neutron Stars
  • Erik Kuulkers - ESA/ESTEC - Low-mass X-ray binaries
  • Malcolm Coe - University of Southampton - High-mass X-ray binaries
  • Luca Zampieri - INAF/OA Padova - Ultraluminous X-ray Sources
  • Ian McHardy - University of Southampton - Active Galactic Nuclei
  • Sergio Campana - INAF/OA Brera - Extragalactic transients
  • Marica Branchesi - Universit√† di Urbino - Counterparts of GW transients

Important Dates

Registration is now open.

  • Abstract submission deadline: extended to September 25, 2016
  • Program announcement: October 5, 2016
  • Registration deadline: October 23, 2016
  • Workshop sessions: November 21-22, 2016
  • EXTraS tools hands-on: November 23, 2016

Registration and Abstract Submission

There is no registration fee. The number of participants is restricted to 80.

SOC, LOC & Contacts

The SOC of the workshop:

  • A. De Luca (INAF-IASF Milan, co-chair)
  • P. Evans (Univ. of Leicester)
  • J. Greiner (MPE Garching)
  • F. Haberl (MPE Garching)
  • A. Merloni (MPE Garching)
  • P. O'Brien (Univ. of Leicester)
  • E. Pian (INAF-IASF Bologna)
  • J. Pye (Univ. of Leicester)
  • A. Read (Univ. of Leicester)
  • R. Salvaterra (INAF-IASF Milan)
  • L. Stella (INAF-OA Rome)
  • A. Tiengo (IUSS Pavia)
  • S. Vaughan (Univ. of Leicester)
  • M. Watson (Univ. of Leicester, co-chair)
  • J. Wilms (FAU-ECAP, Erlangen)
  • A. Wolter (INAF-OA Brera)

The LOC of the workshop:

  • R. Costa (IUSS)
  • A. De Luca (INAF-IASF)
  • G. Lisini (IUSS)
  • M. Marelli (INAF-IASF)
  • G. Novara (IUSS)
  • A. Tiengo (IUSS, chair)
  • C. Zazzetta (INAF-IASF)

Contacts: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.